Small Cuddly Goose - White

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Welcome to this adorable cuddly goose!
Senger Naturwelt products are handmade from organically grown cotton, wool, & mohair. Filling is pure lambswool.My Head and feet are filled with lambswool and my skin is made from cotton.

This is Cuddly toy and warming pillow in one: Senger Naturwelt Cuddly animals include a removable cotton cushion, which is filled with organic spelled chaff (large cuddly animals) or with cherry stones (small cuddly animals). The cherry stones are also perfect for cooling (freeze them!). 

Material: Cotton, Lambswool, Cherrystones, Zipper
47 x 37 x 11cm (~15in Long)

Made in Germany.


Please remove the spelt husks pillow through the opening in the belly of the cuddly animal and heat it in the oven at a maximum of 75 ° C for approx. 2-3 minutes. Environmentally friendly and gentle at the same time, the pillow can also be warmed on the heater or tiled stove.

The pillow should never be heated in the microwave, otherwise it will burn!

Spelt husks are simply the shell of spelled grains. Therefore, the heat storage is not comparable with the cherry stones or grape seed pillows. In the case of the spelt husks pillow, the air in the cavities between the husks is warmed up, especially while cuddling with the pillow, while in the case of the cherry stones and grape seeds, the entire core can store the heat for a longer period of time.