Our Story, Our Philosophy


Welcome to About Baby Shop! We are excited to share our story about our shop. As our name stands as “about baby” we really focus on products that can really be “about baby”! We are conscious of our bringing in the best quality and product that can define our loved ones.

As a mother, I’m aware of fashion for my baby but also I began to look what are some important things that I care about the most. Although I do love fashionable Items, I care more about the functionality and the quality of the garment. As a designer, I took all my concerns and brought them to my store. I think it’s important to know that our baby is wearing something good. I looked carefully into where the products are made, fabrics durable and comfortable.

We want to share with you the best and want you to know that our value is all about baby. Whether you choose a product at our store for your own or a gift, we ensure that you will be getting the best of the best and what is best for the baby.

Our Philosophy:

At About Baby Shop, we are not only selling products but we really want to help and donate to communities and children in need. We will donate our profit to selected hospitals/organizations to help children in need every month. We want to be able to be transparent with our customers in doing, and we will always update our donations with everyone.

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