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Les Petits TOUSI hand-crocheted slippers/booties Holiday 2021🍂

Newest color for 2021 Lauched. Order these for Christmas🎄💚❤️

Beautiful hand-crocheted little slippers, made with a soft 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable Peruvian sheep wool. Their soles, meanwhile, are made from scraps of genuine leather lined with sheepskin. Not only are these little slippers adorable, they are also non-slip for little feet who are learning to walk in addition to holding very well in place thanks to a small cotton cord at the ankle.

Moreover, the 100% natural quality sheep wool, always selected with care, allows to keep the feet warm during the winter - while breathing very well - making them perfect for all seasons!

** PLEASE NOTE the color may differ slightly from the photo **

Story from Les Petits TOUSI

Making their perfect little slippers starts with selecting the highest quality 100% natural materials. They use softest Peruvian sheep wool which is crocheted on a non-slip genuine leather sole lined with extra plush sheep hair. The cork labels are printed in Quebec and the small cords are made of natural cotton. In addition to being biodegradable and eco-responsible, the wool keeps you warm, while having the property to breathe through the seasons! In short, the highest quality for the little feet of your minis, nothing less.   

Available in newborn sizes to 18-24M. To find out which size is best for your child, take the time to measure their tiny feet and choose a size between 0.25 and 0.50 inches larger.

Handmade in St-Thomas, QC, CANADA Flag For Canada Emoji (Apple/iOS Version)

***As these slippers have been knitted with high quality natural wool, it is normal for them to create a little foam after a few uses. In time, it will go away completely. Otherwise, you can easily gently cut the small foams with a scissor and they will be like new again!

Colors may differ slightly. 


  1. Remove the cords.
  2. Ideally hand wash with a mild soap. 
  3. Dry in the open air for a good 24 hours. 
  4. Cut the small foams with scissors.
  5. Replace the cords. 
And there you have it, your slippers have found a little youthful air! 
In an extreme case, the slippers can also be put in the washing machine on a delicate cycle with blankets or towels, always with a mild soap. They don't go in the dryer. 
* Please note that the formation of small foams is quite normal as we use 100% natural sheep wool. Over time, they will disappear completely. N