Why Is Korean Brand Baby Clothing Becoming More Popular in the US?

Korean baby clothing

Did you know that About Baby Shop started by bringing in baby clothes from South Korea? Well, we did! We started our shop with hand-picked baby clothes from Korea.

Why did we do this? As a Korean American mother, I knew that clothes in Korea are very well made and very special. I liked the quality of the fabrics, the designs, and that they are made in Korea. I started so I can share this not with just my daughter but with everyone!

Korean baby clothes are becoming very popular in the United States and we believe that people are getting to know how Korean baby clothes are something special. Not only the material and qualities are great, but the designs are also unique as well. Customers are noticing how valuable these clothes are and they want to take these items to their loved ones which will be in their memories forever. Which is one of our philosophy, having these products at our stores that capture memories for you and your baby. 

Korean baby romper

Why Kshop at About Baby Shop is so special?

As many of you know, many shops are carrying these beautiful pieces here in the states! And as a small business shop owner, we are rooting for them and so proud to support our motherland, Korea.

But we get many questions from our customers these days: if we are bringing in the same items as other, why are our prices a bit lower that other stores? Yes, we are bringing in the same items at a lower price! This is because we work with individual vendors to get the best prices and also find shipping carrier that help to bring our products here faster and more cost-effectively. We also do all our product quality control in Korea before it ships out to bring the products that are ready to sell when we get them to the US warehouse. We want to give the best price for our customers so they can enjoy their Kshop products with confidence. 

Baby top and bottom set  Baby top bottom set  Colorblock baby romper

We are still making progress in making our shop better. We are still learning a lot. But we want to tell you, we value our customer and we want to stand by our name “About Baby” and make mama’s, friends and family’s experience at our shop the best.

Thank you for being our customer and we are working every day to make everything more about our loved baby!

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