Echoview Fiber Mill

Echoview Fiber Mill is a spinning mill, knitting operation, and design house based in Weaverville, NC. They make exceptionally high quality and beautifully designed home goods, accessories, and craft knitting and weaving yarns using natural fibers such as wool, alpaca, silk, mohair, and organic cotton. Their facility is a Gold LEED certified building, so suitability is literally the foundation of everything they do and is taken into account in each decision they make. We are so happy to bring their products to our shop! Not only the products are Made in the USA, they are all organic and they start with the farm process all the way to knitting and developing of the products.

We bought their baby blankets too since they are so beautifully knitted! We love they are 100% Organic supima cotton from California. Also, we bought in their dryer wool balls. They are a natural alternative to chemical filled dryer sheets. They are used to dry clothes faster, and soften and fluff your favorite baby clothes.


Wool dryer balls      Organic cotton blanket

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