Aykasa Folding Crates

We are so happy to announce that we are having Aykasa folding crates!

We are thrilled to have these beautiful folding crates at our store and to share them with you. They are so versatile and space saving, plus it will fit right in with your room décor! As a parent, we are always looking for more storage items that look good. We fell in love with these crates because of their colors, convenient size, and how useful they are. We can easily put them together, stack them, and start organizing. But when we are done, we can fold them up and store them when not in use. Here is what Aykasa says about their crates and why we fell in love:

Aykaks Folding Crates are designed for creative home organizing and storage. Different size alternatives for your proper functional use and different color alternatives for your aesthetic pleasure. When you are not actively using the folding crates, you can fold and save space. Aykasa folding crates create extra storage space. Aykasa folding crates creates extras storage space for your children’s clothes, stationary, and their toys. You can organize with ease and in style with simple storage solution that fir right to your decoration scheme. Aykasa crates have fold flat construction perfect for hiding away when not in use! You can stack multiple crates on top of each other or use vertical space more efficiently.

Aykasa folding crates complies with FDA, BGA, and all food standards. It is made from strong and durable plastics that can be easily clean with wipe or it is dishwasher safe!

Shop small and medium Aykasa crates in multiple colors available at our Shop!

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