Gingham Towel Gown - Pink

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Ready for pool and beach days for this summer?

This towel gown is must-have item for this summer! Big bunny ears on the hood for extra cuteness for your little one! 

This towel works as cute and funtional poncho which is perfect for swimsuit coverup from beach, pool, lake or bath! 

They are made with sizes to last through their growth spurts! The two sizes are big enought to last them for couple of years :)

The fabric of this terry is very high quality and soft. The terry towel is ‘combed yarn’ which means that they are more lustrous and very gentle on skin. The process of combing removes the impurities in the cotton to make a smooth yarn, more tough and not easy to pile. It provides high level of quality in texture, washability and durability.

Comes in three colors - purple, blue and pink. 

*** Pants sold separately.